Body Burn

45 minutes

BODY BURN is a fun but challenging, non-stop 45 minute class. We combine both high and low impact moves to put your whole body through its paces. By ensuring we deliver low impact options for each exercise throughout the session, we make it fully suitable for all levels of fitness.

Burn & Tone

55 minutes

BODY BURN AND TONE is a class which incorporates both high and low impact exercises to work on cardio fitness, followed by toning and stretching, using various equipment.

Cardio Tone

 45 / 55 minutes

CARDIO TONE is an all-round exercise class. The format will vary but will include some mid temp aerobics, with or without handweights for upper and lower body toning, conditioning and fat burning. This will be followed by specific toning and conditioning exercises which vary from week to week. All levels welcome as this class is easily adapted.


45 minutes

TRI is three classes in one! This class will mix an element of cardio in with two alternative sections of toning, using different types of equipment. It is a great all-round class giving you a good overall body workout whilst improving your overall fitness levels. All ages and abilities welcome.

Body Extreme

XXXXXX minutes

BODY EXTREME is a total body workout, using all different types of formats, equipment and exercises. Cardio intervals will be mixed in with resistance moves, These will tone and progressively sculpt your body. The session focuses on moves that require stability and will engage your core muscles. It’s a great way to mix up your workout routine.