Time spent restoring yourself, your mind, and your body, is always time well invested in our view. We’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to find the right beauty treat or personalised training solution.

The Beauty

Just as your fitness matters to you, we know beauty treatments often form part of that ‘me-time’ wellbeing requirement.  The Beauty at Martlesham Leisure is situated upstairs at the club and provides you with a wide range of beauty treatments for all your pamper and relaxation needs. From massages and reflexology to facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing, lash and nail treatments.

Contact us at the Club directly on: 01473 708360.


Functional Movement Therapy

Alan Probert has been working in the leisure Industry for more than 30 years. Having started as a gym instructor, he then became a hugely popular personal trainer here at Martlesham Leisure and has a great rapport with our members.

Today, Alan works as a Functional Movement Therapist. This form of treatment encompasses a combination of NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy) which helps to restore Motor Control Patterns in the brain, Soft Tissue Therapy, which assists in establishing those new patterns, and AIM (Anatomy in Motion) which helps to integrate those patterns into everyday functional movements.


Telephone: 07515 511523 or Email alan135@me.com

Massage - Martlesham Leisure

Alpha Physiotherapy

At Alpha Physiotherapy we care about you. Our vision is to help everyone to live active and healthy lives, free from pain and in control of their future. We offer you a thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis, then explain to you what the cause of your symptoms are. Treatment commences immediately to start making improvements, but we also formulate and implement a long-term plan to get you better and stay better. 

Contact us on: 01473 561060 or info@alpha-physio.co.uk

Please note due to Physiotherapists treating, the phone may not always be answered. Please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Zak Gladwell

Zak offers tailored nutrition packages to combine with personal training, giving you a complete programme for your fitness and well being. For more information contact the Club on 01473 624707 and ask to speak to Zak.