60 minutes

BOXFIT is a cardiovascular workout, based on the training used for boxers. Yes, you’ll be doing pad work, but you’ll also be getting your physical fix with skipping, shuttle runs, press ups and abnominal work. It’s a great combo’ to help you increase fitness and tone too. The class is aimed at men and women of all fitness levels and is challenging but fun.

Hi Lo Circuits

40 minutes

HI LO CIRCUITS is a varied and adaptable workout. Your session will take you via a number of stations, alternating between cardio and strength exercises to ensure a good balance of benefits using a range of fitness and conditioning equipment. It’s easily adapted for individual levels of fitness.

Mixed Circuits

60 minutes

MIXED CIRCUITS is a circuit-based class with formats that will change weekly to keep the workout interesting. A mix of cardio and strength and conditioning exercises, using both your own body weight as well as a variety of strength and resistance equipment. An all round, full body workout that is easily adapted to all levels of fitness so everyone is welcome.