Gentle Yoga

50 minutes

GENTLE YOGA is a new class and perfect for those wanting to try Yoga for the first time. It is suitable for all levels of ability and for those wanting a Gentle Flow Yoga session this class incorporates controlled movement, stretching and relaxation.


60 minutes

YOGALATES is perfect for those of you who can never quite make up your mind! It’s a dynamic yoga session, focusing on core strength, but also incorporating pilates exercise. You’ll get the mindfulness and flexibility approach of yoga, with some testing pilates moves, and a really fun vibe throughout the session.

Flow Yoga

55 minutes

FLOW YOGA is a class which will deliver yoga poses sequenced seamlessly together, but with the emphasis on correct body alignment and adjustment. It promotes flexibility, strength and awareness. All abilities are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

55 minutes

VINYASA FLOW YOGA is a flowing ‘sun salutation’ based class where the emphasis is on flowing from one pose to the next using the breath as an anchor. It is a faster paced, heat building practice but still with full instruction on safe alignment and technique. This class will not just increase your flexibility and strength but your fitness and stamina too. Suitable for all abilities. 

Dynamic Flow

55 minutes

DYNAMIC FLOW YOGA is a Vinyasa flow class, based around the Ashtanga yoga practice, offering the chance to explore more advanced poses, arm balances and inversions – more suited to students in good health and with a basic knowledge of yoga.